Morgan's Knot

*** (nine-year old reader) Thank you so much for Morgan’s Knot! I really appreciate it and know that my sister does too! Your book is so good, I am really glad it’s a series because it’s certainly one of my favorites. I am surprised it’s not famous and, even if it never becomes famous, it will always be in my mind! Keep writing and I will keep reading!

*** It is a rare moment when grandparents can enjoy reading the same book as their grandchild! These moments will make fond memories. I am striving to provide wholesome experiences for our next generation so that they too will pass along healthy activities. So, thank you, Rick, for sharing your talent in productive ways and your generous heart!

Tulsa Kids


"With a subtle twist on our perception of what is real and what is possible, Eric T. Stiller, Jr. has crafted an expansive fantasy world inhabited by youthful heroes and fearsome villains. Stiller’s book will appeal to young people who love adventure and fantasy. Boys might particularly enjoy this series since the protagonist is a young boy, but girls will also find characters to connect with, as Adrian, the youthful hero, embarks on an unexpected journey on a mysterious island.

The good-against-evil plot (with some surprising twists) will resonate with young readers, and the quick action will keep adults interested as well. This page-turning series might even be a fun, read-aloud project for parents of reluctant readers. Get them started and they’ll want to keep reading to find out what happens to Adrian and his friends.

The book series includes: Morgan’s Knot – Episode Iin which Adrian begins to unravel the strange secrets of Morgan’s Knot and embarks on a perilous quest.

The Island of the Children – Episode IIin which Adrian and his friends set off to locate an uncharted island in the Pacific where they join a tribe of children and a troupe of circus animals to battle a brutal band of pirates. The first two volumes are available at Oaktree Books and on Amazon.

Islands in the Sky – Episode Vfor a peek at the opening pages visit

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I just finished Morgan's Knot. This book is a delight. So well written, well conceived, well thought out. It would make an excellent movie.

* * *

Mr. Stiller writes with a wide-ranging imagination, a good grasp of language, a panoply of human and non-human characters, an excitement, a page-turner narrative, and lessons for us all in collaboration and ecology and selflessness.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my escape into book one. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I loved this. The adventures, child heroes and magic within brought me to a happy place that I can’t remember being in since reading the Harry Potter series. If you are looking for light -hearted fun, love the sea, adventures and/or animals, you will appreciate the escapades and humor in this story. Also, it’s very clean and child friendly, although I’m in my 30’s and still loved it. Enjoy!"

* * *

"This is a wonderful kid's adventure story. Well written and engaging, I think readers of any age will enjoy the way this novel delivers in-depth character development, the mystery, and the way Mr. Stiller pulls everything together at the climax!"

* * *

Harry Potter Set in the Natural World-This is a great story! It is full of fantasy, magic, and beautiful nature. Animals and the energy of the earth are prime helpers of the humans in this childhood mystery. I would recommend it to children and adults both. It is fun and easy to read. I can't wait to read the next one! I'm hooked!

* * *

Creative and magical. Timeless and classic. I'm looking forward to checking out the next installment. If you like the Chronicles of Narnia you will enjoy this. The magic is believable as opposed to the over the top Harry Potter style. The kid in all of us wants to believe places like Morgan's Knot exists.

The Island of the Children

"Another great installment from Eric Stiller. I liked it even more than the first book. This is a great read for kids, lovely story, lovely message, really fun and fantastical!"

* * *

"What an adventure! I'm 64 and I believe I enjoyed this second novel as much as any child. The writing really pulls you in and won't let you put the book down until the end."

* * *

"I'm really impressed with these two books. Terrific story telling and intriguing 'disclosure' of the world's mysteries. Can't really describe how impressed I am. Hope they make a movie out of these books."

Ice Island

"I love this book! If you have read the first two, then you know what the story is about. Adrian and his fellow seers (in other words, special people who are able to read the Books) Raffe and Alius are trying to deliver Ruby Crystals to all the Golden Crystals, to keep the Lord Of Darkness, Zepallo, from connecting all the Black Crystals by the Dark Vectors. Don't know what these words mean? You'll have to find out yourself. Though, I would recommend reading the first two books so that you know what everything means. And the book is worth the price, trust me."

* * *

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