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With a subtle twist on our perception of what is real and what is possible, Eric T. Stiller, Jr. has crafted an expansive fantasy world inhabited by young naive heroes and fearsome villains vying for control of powers capable of transforming the planet into paradise or enslaving the population under tyrannical oppression.

Join the adventure, as young Adrian begins to unravel the secrets of the Powers and embarks on a quest to collect allies from around the world to battle a sinister legion intent on imposing a dark world order of total domination.

This tale is written as a serial, where the end of the first episode is the beginning of the second and so on. The story assumes that the reader is aware of secrets and mysteries revealed to our young heroes in previous volumes. I recommend reading them in sequence to maintain continuity!

Episode Eight - Just Released!!!

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Islands of Wisdom

Seers and Keepers from around the world converge on Morgan’s Knot to found The School of Seers and Keepers, under the guidance of Chancellor Bartlett, to thwart frenzied expansion of Zepallo and Legio Obscurum’s fortifications around the planet.

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Morgan's Knot

The saga opens as young Adrian begins to unravel the strange secrets of Morgan’s Knot and embarks on a perilous quest to foil a militia of exiles who are plotting to seize mystical energies that empowered heroes and tyrants throughout history.

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The Island of the Children

Episode Two

Desperate to rescue his shipwrecked parents, Adrian and his friends set off to locate an uncharted island in the Pacific where they join a tribe of children and a troupe of circus animals to battle a brutal band of pirates.

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Ice Island

Ice Island

Episode Three

The adventure continues with Adrian, Alius, and Raffe racing around the world to thwart Zepallo, a mysterious villain, who is binding the dark vectors into a web for global domination.

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Islands of Glass and Steel

Episode Four

Adrian and Alius demolish international diplomacy to free Raffe from Zepallo's secret command center in a subterranean labyrinth.

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Islandsin the Sky

Episode Five

Adrian’s body lies near death in his bed, at the House of the Four Seasons, and Alius must gatherseersfrom around the world to secure his essence from Zepallo’s clutches, with a massive raid on the Council of Ollapez.

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Islands of the Mind

Episode Six

Under Orana’s guidance, Adrian embarks on a lonely journey to discover his own truth and his role in defending the Powers against the threat of Legio Obscurum’s campaign for worldwide domination through a global confrontation between Zepallo’s union of rebel nations and the industrial superpowers.

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Islands of Dark Miracles

Episode Seven

The seeds are sewn for an endless supply of reliable, dedicated, and lethal agents to lead the planet to unification under the Dark Powers…and each will be an identical genetic copy of our Dark Lord. Adrian faces a twisted triple threat, when Zepallo lures the boy into the real world to confront Legio Obscurum’s latest weapon in a seer's duel.

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